Grand Foyer

Our breathtaking Grand Foyer will impress your guests with its polished finishings. This level boasts high ceilings planked by moulded pillars, crystal chandeliers and porcelain tile.  Our sophisticated entrance will set an exciting tone as your guests are greeted into cocktail hour.  

Begin your reception with a cocktail hour that will build excitement for a thrilling celebration. If you choose to entertain your guests outside, the subtle lights of our outdoor garden create an enchanting atmosphere, illuminating the natural foliage of the surrounding maple trees. If you prefer to host an indoor cocktail hour in our Grand Foyer, our newly renovated cocktail space boasts two fireplaces, Swarovski crystal chandeliers, and a dramatic Neo-classical Rotunda. There are several opportunities surrounding The Commons to pose for breathtakingly romantic photos including our garden terrace, the town's common, the historic Gould Barn built in 1710, or the Parson Capen house built in 1683.