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Ally & Matt's Summer Wedding

Ally & Matt had their wedding reception and ceremony here at the beginning of July!

Perfect lighting, perfect kiss!

Their outdoor garden ceremony was beautiful - complete with classic navy blue and yellow accents!
Chairs for the ceremony, delicately decorated with baby's breath and navy ribbon.
Is it over yet?
Ally's grandfather officiated the wedding...a memory they will cherish forever.
You may kiss your bride!

Their reception wouldn't have been complete without the live music from Boston Common Band -  everyone danced all night long!

Ally & Matt boogie on the dance floor!
And what would a wedding be without someone doing the worm over an invisible jump rope??

But, the highlight of the wedding reception was THE HORAH!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Jewish tradition, The Horah is the chair dance!  Ally, Matt, and a few others were raised up...the excitement & energy could have been felt all throughout the New England!

Ally, Matt, and the supportive groomsmen!
The ring bearer!  What a cutie!

Ally's mother...and her first Horah experience!  Think she liked it??
Ally's father...and his first Horah experience!  He definitely liked it!

 The incredible photography was done by Benoit & McCarthy Photography

Here are more photos below for you to enjoy!

Stunning bride, inside and out!
A beautiful portrait taken in the Bridal Suite
Look at that train!
Mother & daughter before the ceremony

Beautiful shot in front of the Parson Capen House

Goofy groomsmen!
The entire bridal party...gorgeous in navy blue and gray!
A moment alone after dinner, captured by the photographer!
We wish you many, many blissful years of marriage, Ally & Matt!

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Formal Wedding Photo Etiquette and Checklist

Formal Wedding Photography Etiquette in Boston
and on the North Shore of Boston- The Commons 1854 in historic
Topsfield, MA

All vendors hired play such an integral role in your wedding day.  Here at the Topsfield Commons 1854, when we execute your wedding day timeline, we use the following comprehensive checklist.   Below is a guideline for the photography for a wedding reception established and published by The ABC.

Brides Wedding Portrait Etiquette

If the bride chooses to have a formal portrait taken, she should do it when her wedding dress is ready. In addition, she should have her hair styled and her makeup done in the same manner that she plans to have it done for the wedding; she should also wear the same accessories she’ll wear on the wedding day.

Traditionally, a bride’s formal portrait was taken to provide her with a wedding picture to send, along with the wedding announcement, to the newspapers. Today, formal portraits are commonly taken on the wedding day, and the best photos processed rapidly so that it can be released to the newspapers; however, the bride giving the groom her formal portrait, as a wedding gift, is still considered a romantic notion. In addition, taking a formal portrait before the wedding is also a good way for the bride to do a test run of the hairstyle and makeup she wishes to have on the day of the wedding.

We use the following checklist to help clients decide what photos they
wish to have taken.


Formal photos of the

_____ Bride alone, in her wedding dress

_____ Groom alone

_____ Bride and groom together

_____ Bride with her parents

_____ Bride with the maid or matron of honor

_____ Groom with the best man

_____ Couple with the bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor

_____ Couple with the best man, groomsmen, and ushers

_____ Couple with the groom’s parents

_____ Couple with the bride’s parents

_____ Couple with the children in the wedding party

_____ Couple with the entire wedding party

Candid photos of the

_____ Bride leaving the house

_____ Guests arriving at the ceremony site

_____ Bride’s family getting out of their car

_____ Ushers escorting close relatives to their seats

_____ Groom’s parents being seated

_____ Bride’s parents being seated

_____ Wedding party members in the processional

_____ Bride and her escort

_____ Exchange of vows

_____ Special moments, such as lighting a unity candle or breaking a glass

_____ Children in the wedding party

_____ Couple walking during the recessional

_____ Wedding party, with the ceremony site in the background

Candid photos of the Wedding Reception

_____ Couple being showered with toss items like bubbles

_____ Couple getting into their car

_____ Couple sitting in the back seat of their car

_____ Couple arriving at the reception site

_____ Couple greeting guests

_____ Couple mingling with guests

_____ Couple at the head or sweetheart table

_____ Couple dancing the first dance

_____ Bride and her father dancing

_____ Groom and his mother dancing

_____ Couple cutting the wedding cake

_____ Couple feeding each other a piece of the cake

_____ Family and guests dancing

_____ Couple making toasts

_____ Couple saying farewell to their parents

_____ Bride tossing the bouquet

_____ Groom tossing the garter

_____ Couple leaving the reception site in their getaway car

_____ Any other special moments the couple has determined in advance with the photographer

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