Featured Proposal Story: Lindsey & Bobby

In honor of National Romance Awareness Month, we decided to have a contest on our Facebook page, searching for the most romantic proposal story!  We asked our followers to share their engagement stories, and the couple with the most "likes" won a Home Goods gift card and a feature story on our blog!

Each proposal story we received was worthy of a prize...but you just can't beat a puppy proposal! The winning couple was Lindsey & Bobby, with a whopping 228 likes!

Check out their winning proposal below! 

"In the fall of 2013 we (Bobby and I) decided on getting a puppy. In November 2013 we went to pick her out from the litter. Little did I know, this puppy would turn into so much more!! On the morning of December 28th, we woke up and hit the road to go pick up our newest family member. We arrived, and this tiny black lab puppy waddled out of the barn she had lived in for the first 8 weeks of her live. I knelt down to pick her up and, to my surprise, I saw "Lindsey, will you marry me?" attached to her pink dog collar. I was SHOCKED! Bobby was then handing me a beautiful engagement ring. The whole ride home from the breeder, I couldn't believe I was holding my new puppy and was sitting next to my new fiance!!! The plan all along had been to head to Bobby's moms house so she could meet Penny, our new puppy. We arrived to her house, and as soon as I walked in the door, my entire family was there waiting to surprise me. I walked into my own engagement party! I had family come from New Hampshire, and Bobby's entire family. It was a long a day of (happy) tears, champagne toasts, a new puppy, and many surprises. We're getting married on August 28th and I couldn't be happier." - Lindsey

We can't wait for Lindsey & Bobby's wedding at The Commons on August 28th!

 Congratulations you two!

Written By:  Kelly Hart