Wedding Signature Cocktails & Food Pairings by The Commons 1854

Signature Cocktail Idea's for a Wedding Reception

Leche Martini 
This cocktail is perfect for a spring or Summer Wedding! Garnish with fresh Leche Fruit, a floating hibiscus flower or passion fruit pearls! One of my personal favorites! This cocktail can be made without alcohol for a refreshing addition to your cocktail portion.

Pair your leche martini with an authentic South African Chutney Crostini.  This particular recipe is from Cape Malay Cuisine in Cape Town.  We decided to garnish this passed horsd'oeuvre with black forest hybrid calla lilys for a drastic color contrast. 

Tasting Flights with Seasonal Beer
Tasting flights are a fun addition to a casual wedding reception.  Choose your seasonal selection to create your culinary theme.

Pair your fall beer with a mini Angus burger topped with a caramelized shallot jam and Stilton cheese.  Other small and delectable sandwich options include BBQ pulled chicken with lime cream on a biscuit and a miniature heart shaped Reuben. To hop or not to hop, that is the question...

Korean Beef skewers are also a nice pairing with a seasonal beer.

Basil Infused Vodka Shots
This is such a unique addition to the cocktail portion of your wedding reception. They can be passed by servers or at a station.  Make sure they are ice cold for optimal flavor. Pair with spanikopita or spinach squares.  This recipe is straight from my Yiayia's kitchen in Athens. 

Champagne- The Classic Cocktail
Champagne can be passed as a refreshing and versatile option.  Add a raspberry, strawberry, blackberry or blueberry for a pop of color and to adapt to a wedding of any season. 

Pair your champagne with light and delectable crudites shooters.  We like to use haricots verts, broccolini tips,  long stem on baby carrots presented in a trumpet style shot glass. 

We also love tuna tartar served on a crispy wonton presented on a wine board (if the presentation suites your theme) and garnish with scallions.  

Its hard to beat the sushi and champagne pairing! They go together almost as well as the perfect couple, you and your fiance. 

Lemon drop Martini
There is a reason that this tart summer favorite has been popular for so many years. When you mix tart and sweet together, you get a sweet and delicious treat that can pair with so many cuisine options. 

Our chefs created this "play" on ceviche to accommodate palettes of guests who are not necessary into raw fish.  We garnished it with a charlie brown orchid from Peru to tie together the International feel of the food.  Also pair this option with a pisco sour to be ahead of the trend. 

Spiked Milkshakes
Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry, a spike milkshake can be a wonderful way to keep your guests refreshed.  Keep the portions small so they don't fill up at this action milkshake station. 

Pair your milkshakes with nostalgic Patty melts.
Its all about great friends, family and food!

More Beer
A crisp lager can be a great option for a passed drink.  Men and women love it alike and it pairs well with so many horsd'oeuvres. Make sure the beer is icy cold!

One of our favorite pairings with an icy cold lager is Thai chicken lettuce wraps.  Any kind of lettuce wrap will do to accommodate your your guests palettes.  

Red Wine

Red wine can be served in the winter, spring, summer or fall.  Consider first the climate and then the cuisine.  Both factors will dictate the amount of red wine and red wine pairings should be passed for the cocktail hour of your wedding reception. In the warmer months,some guests will gravitate toward white wines.  There are always a portion of your guests that will appreciate your wedding pairing with red wine.
Here are some of my favorites...

A Napa Cabernet Sauvignon & Colorado Lamb Chops. Any Cabernet will do as long as it is well balanced, has a supple texture, an approachable grip and earthy notes

Brunello di Montelcino & Veal Meatballs
Sangiovese based wines pair well with veal meatballs. Notes of licorice, dried ginger, cured meat and white pepper will appropriately enhance this dish.  

Pinot Noir & Stuffed Mushrooms
A fruit forward Pino Noir is a pleasing pairing with a savory stuffed mushroom.  Chile and Oregon produces some affordable options that I love to pair for a fall wedding.

White Wine
White wine is also appropriate for all seasons and of course lends itself to warmer months. Consider your white wine selctions carefully.  You will want to be able to accommodate most guests while offering a limited selection to thwart any lines at the bar.

Melon and prosciutto & dry Muscat.
The perfumy, grapey character of the Muscat is the ideal compliment to this salty sweet classic. Prosciutto di Parma is a must in this dish, is there really any other kind of prosciutto? 

Shrimp Cocktail & Pinot Grigio
There are many characteristics and flavor profiles to to a Pinot Grigio.  Try a dry, austere and crisp wine to optimize the experience.  A Chenin blanc of the same characteristic is also a great option.

Vegetable Summer Rolls
This delicious option follows the same pairing guidelines as the shrimp cocktail. If you choose, it can also be paired with a light red such as a Montepulciano or Pinot Noir.

Washington Apple
Additional Cocktail Options
We will keep the red cocktails away from our brides gowns so don't let that discourage you from choosing something red.  Lets face it, red cocktails are pretty and delicious!

Watermelon Kiss

Apple Cider Martini
garnished with fresh apple wedge

Watermelon Martini

Sour apple Martini


Wedding Cake Martini

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