Add some fun "extras" !

We love to see people add really fun stuff to their weddings to really make them unique, and "their own."  Here at The Commons 1854, we see a lot of these amazing ideas that really help to enchant the evening.  Some people go the traditional route, through the introduction of unusual cuisine or goody stations that feature the bride's favorite cupcake, or the groom's favorite pastry.  Others feature it during cocktail hour.  We most recently had a bride donate her recipe to our chefs, so that her menu could feature her signature appetizer, a buffalo chicken quesadilla, made bite size in a crisp puffed pastry dough.  However, food is somewhat the most common theme in terms of "spicing up the night."  Why not use media instead?  Let us tell you what we are thinking....

First off, let us talk about using entertainment.  Most recently, we had an amazing wedding that really exemplified both the bride and groom's dedication to their heritage through something fun that the bride hid up her sleeve.  The bride, who was wedding her long time love from Uganda, decided to bring a piece of her husbands culture to life.  She surprised him with native dancers, dressed in all the traditional garb, that were simply amazing.  They danced and chimed in unison, and brought such a surprise to the onlooking guests.  You could tell by the gasps and the awe in the room that this was a brilliant, fun and really different idea.  Not only did the guests get to know her groom a little more, but they also learned about his personal background and got a glimpse at what is held closest to their hearts, and how they will start and fulfill their marriage.  Others as well choose to go with the "theme" of the evening.  Last year, we found it so amazing that one bride and groom chose to have Victorian Carolers standing at the entrance to welcome guests to the seasoned winter wedding.  All of these unique ideas really will have your guests remembering the individuality of your wedding for years to come. 

So, we have cultural dancers and carolers that tops off our "extras" list.  They were simply amazing.  However, instead of viewing the spectacle first hand, why not save it for later.  Confused?  What we mean is this.  Make your guests live entertainment in themselves and install a photo booth!  We have one custom made for The Commons 1854 by our most recommended DJ's from Move it Music DJ and Lighting Co., and it is seriously a hit every time.  The bride and groom can customize a backdrop for all the photos to be printed on, and then leave it up to your guests to create pictures that you can look back on for years to come.  It is SUCH a great idea.  Let's face it, the photographers are amazing but simply cannot capture every single great photo of the night.  A photo booth allows your guests to be themselves, dress up in boa's and tiaras with crazy glasses and let loose.  The bride and groom can be adorned in hats and masks, that look hysterical when thrown over a tuxedo and a wedding dress.  The best part?  The photo's print out for you right there, so request that all your guests get copies and leave them for you :)  That way, you can see you guests in their finest hour, having a bawl at your wedding.  Sometimes, these natural smiles and laughs can surpass formal photos by FAR.  

There are so many more unique ideas out there...These are simply a couple.  Go ahead and have your groomsmen perform magic tricks, like a couple of ours did recently, or take some salsa lessons and salsa for your first dance.  The point is, even if your in love with the classic "Black Tie" theme, and want your wedding to stay traditional, it can never be seen as out of bounds to offer entertainment that your guests will love.  Our blog preaches about creating individuality and a setting that will create the best memories possible, and these are certainly a couple ways to achieve just that!

Happy planning!