Winter Weddings :)

 Not everyone can understand, but if your a New Englander, you can.  Winter can be one of the most gruesome, harsh things to get through without something to look forward to.  Most people look at it, or I say most people because it's how I feel :), as a couple months that you kind of just have to grin and bear.   However, I may change my tune just a bit when it comes to having a winter wedding.  I know the concept sounds a little scary, with all the snow and minus thirty temperatures.  But really?  It could be simply amazing.

Look at how the bride and groom look in the first picture.  As they hold hands, they are illuminated by the delicate snow and the glistening trees.  Her dress seems to shine and shimmer without any added sparkle.  His black tux makes him stand out against the backdrop in an intense yet simple way.  
The whole scene is just breathtaking.  Imagine taking your wedding photos underneath the tree scape, or in front of the gorgeous Topsfield Commons all lit up with Christmas lights.  I think it would be amazing to combine the holidays and a wedding.  The things that you could decorate with are endless, everyone is always in a superb holiday cheer, and a wedding gives you one more thing to anticipate and celebrate...two  things that people actually love to do during winter!