Sparkle and Shine with Firefly Lighting

Stunning. Magical. An iridescent landscape that can be highlighted like a castle.

These are just some of the descriptors I can give that seem to instantly jump off the tongue as soon as FireFly Lighting Co. takes the stage in the center of The Commons 1854.  Look at this amazing picture, popping with blues and turquoise, and centered with an amazingly velvety pink that seems to create an iconic center for this beautiful bride and groom.  The band seems to be draped in a reddish hue, making the uniformity of their black garb seem ultra sophisticated.  It really does look magical.  Imagine then, to be able to customize a color that would make your porcelain skin shine, or ivory gown glisten among a pale sunshine background.  Honestly, the great thing is that you don't even have to imagine these scenarios.  At The Commons 1854, we promote the use of FireFly Lighting to make these images of beauty come alive for the best day of your life.  How does this happen? Lets talk.

Firefly Lighting is a professional lighting company, exclusive to The Commons, that specializes in the use of sophisticated uplighting to bring drama and flow to private events here at this historic venue.   The company provides uplights for every corner of the ballroom, balcony and even downstairs in the rotunda to emphasize the color schemes of the bride's choice.  Don't worry--they aren't gaudy and huge.  They are elegant, black, rectangle shaped lights that can be perfectly fit near the gorgeous towering pillars of the ballroom, and the light they emit is just beautiful.  Choose a beautiful pale yellow for the fall, to accentuate the harvest theme with flowers of a ivory and purple hue.  Choose a glamorous red, to highlight the red sashes on your bridesmaid's dresses and the perfect red rose petals at your feet for your Christmas wedding.  Make your night glitzy and glam with a magenta hue or vibrant purple, and have unreal photos for years to come.  Seriously, the point is, they make a huge difference in the way that not only you will perceive your night, but all of your guests as well.  Instead of just a dance in the ballroom, it can be a dance in a fairytale wedding all colored in greens and pinks.  It can be simply spectacular.

Beyond the fact that uplighting creates these breathtaking moments with luminous hues, we have a technician that can control these hues at the touch of a dial.  Why stick with just one color all night when you can have ten?  For women, more choices can never be a bad thing, and for a groom?  Just go with it.  Change the color with the music.  When everyone is dancing, intensify the night with a bright green, and then slow it down to a sultry gray or shimmering white as you slow dance for the first time.  The options are really endless for uplighting, and it is truly one option that you do not want to overlook when finalizing those late minute details with your wedding planner.  Hand tailor a lighting package that suits you and your fiance's needs today, and make your wedding as perfect as possible!