Let Us Tailor You Some Tapas! :)

If your in the mood to satisfy those wedding taste buds and create a dramatic, delicious centerpiece at the same time, then having a signature, custom tailored tapas table is the way to do it.  Here at the Commons, the Executive Chef has compiled a set of unique "Tapas Tables" that the bride can choose from to serve her guests on her most special wedding day.  All of the tapas are freshly made on site by superbly trained chefs and are constructed using all of the finest ingredients, even topped with fresh basil and parsley grown fresh in our own garden that is adjacent to this historic venue.  Trust us, guests are always gasping as they are ushered in the front door, not expecting to see a lovely array of bits and pieces standing bright and center.  
Handmade mozzarella is garnished with fresh shaved prosciutto
and sun dried tomatoes.
The combination of the vinegar and salt flavors are too tasty. 
A mouth watering homemade arrancini,  or an Italian style rice ball,
that is layered with a savory Pecorino Romano risotto and is drizzled
with our house made marinara.

                A wonderful fall combination.
               Perfectly ripened Granny Smith
                 (Above) Apples compliment a soft, mild cheese
               and are served with candied walnuts
                for that added sugary crunch.
And of course, a picture of an eclectic Mediterranean
tapas arrangement. 

These hand cut honeydew and cantaloupe melons are wrapped in the finest imported
Italian prosciutto's, drizzled with a balsamic glaze and are paired with our Peking Duck.
We do ours just a little different, and stuff a paper thin scallion crepe with pan
 seared duck breast cooked in its own fat, add  julienned carrots and scallions, and top the sushi
style rolls with a hoisen sauce.
They are amazing!

Shots?  These are so yummy!  It's a delightful warm asparagus soup shooter,  served with a crunchy
 battered asparagus piece right on top.  Sip it, Dip it, or Shoot it.  However you prefer! 
A rich and savory balsamic glazed meatball, topped with Gorgonzola cheese, caramelized fig and
 finished with a bit of micro-celery for some added zest. 

A perfect stuffed pepper, made with our signature
stuffing that absolutely melts in your mouth.

               First off, what a centerpiece.  Second, they are a gorgeous garden fresh Caprese style salad,
adorned with garden fresh tomatoes, basil, and a delicate balsamic reduction. 

A beautifully presented pan-seared sea scallop, topped with gently crisped pancetta and adorned with
 baby pea shoots for a delightful crunch.  All of which is served on a delicate tasting spoon for easy eating.

These are just a few of the hundreds of tapas that we can create to make your wedding day unforgettable.  We are more than accommodating to vegetarian and nut free requests. Please consult Kristi, Johanna or Maura today to talk about some of our amazing custom tapas stations that we can create for you.  As a bride, make your wedding day even more unique with foods that display your taste and personality!  

-Melissa Wood
The Commons 1854