Its the Little things that Go a Long way !

  The Commons 1854. Topsfield, Massachusetts
Spice your night up with a beautiful cappuccino that could make your heart sing just as much as the cupcakes you’ll be pairing with it…..

------------------------------------------------------------------------Of course, there is a lot more to it than just picking a couple things to make your wedding extraordinary. There is of course the planning, and the shopping, and the planning, and more planning.  It can be stressful, it can be tedious, and sometimes, if you are that far in, the details can honestly be quite dreadful.  However, don’t stress it.  Sometimes, the most memorable events to your wedding can be the small stuff.  

I think it’s a wide consensus of most bride’s that we see here at The Commons 1854 that they just want their wedding to be unique, completely individualized, and amazing.  That is why for today’s blog, I chose to feature weddings that haven’t really followed the traditional suit during the late night hours.  Whether it be forgoing a cake and doing personalized ice cream cupcakes, saying “no-way” to coffee and instead choosing custom-heart shaped cappuccinos, or featuring a late night snack, such as a our amazing hand-cut shoestring french-fries topped with a parmesan truffle topping and burger sliders, these brides have shown their resistance to keeping to conformity, and instead have shown a part of themselves on a day that is supposed to be all for themselves. 

A huge trend that has appeared with our brides is the lack of a traditional wedding cake. Now sure, wedding cakes are illustrious centerpieces to what we coincide with a traditional wedding.  However why not mix it up?  We have seen some awesome alternatives, our favorite being one bride’s choice of an ice cream cupcake.  They were so cute and yummy!  Another bride chose to do individual black raspberry, truffle, red velvet, and chocolate cupcakes tiered as if they were a wedding cake, and invited their guests to join them in thecutting” process.  It was adorable! Others go the route of using handmade Italian pastries, such as the ones shown in the picture, that go just perfectly  with delicately laced heart shaped cookies, and the delicious espressos that I will next discuss.
So, we have the cupcakes.  Now, how to make the coffee service different?  Nix it all together and try our gourmet Black Tie Espresso.  Black Tie prides itself on serving the finest espresso this side of Italy, and indeed, it holds true.  Adorned with all the bells and whistles, Black Tie uses only the superior machinery as well, that can ensure satisfaction on this most special day.  Brides have absolutely loved this option instead of a traditional coffee service.  What entails is this.  Guests are invited to the espresso table, at their convenience of course, and their surprise waits.  Not only are traditional cappuccinos made to order, which are quite exceptional considering the coffee is legitimately ground in front of you, but they can be personalized with flavorings such as anisette, vanilla, even white chocolate raspberry.  One can make it a latte’ or even just a straight up espresso without hesitation.  Yet, the most amazing part is the latte’ art.  We are proud to say that Frank Martino Jr., one of the few licensed Master Baristas in the U.S, runs this company and likewise stands tableside to execute this master art.  Brides are thoroughly impressed with this skill, drawing hearts that seem to perfectly compliment the delectable gourmet espresso underneath.  It’s truly a great way to customize the end of your night without blowing your budget!  
Ahh, and last but not least comes the food.  While espresso and chocolates have always, and will always, have such a warm place in my heart, nothing can compare to a late night snack…and here, we do them exceptionally well.  Brides and grooms alike have found our hand-cut, truffle and Parmigiano reggiano laced French fries, paired with a savory burger slider, a must-have on the late night list.

  Just as the night is getting hot and the dancing is getting crazy, it is inevitable that you’ll find yourself and your guests growing a little bit hungry.  These snacks will cure that sensation in an instant! Not only are they super delicious and perfect size, they come in cute little take out boxes! The truffle fries will keep you coming back for more, with their delicate crunch and cheesy aftertaste and the sliders will give you that love for a burger just like the first time you had one.  They are the perfect conclusion to an amazing evening and give you that teeny little hint of some late night love!