Your Own Personal Space- To the Bride

It is of the utmost imortance to have your own personal space as a bride.  With all the jitters than can naturally happen on your wedding day, our Bridal Suite at the Commons 1854 is the perfect location to relax prior to your ceremony.  Not only can it give you some simple peace of mind and clarity, it's a place in which you can also share with your bridesmaids and closest friends (Ladies of course :).   A Champagne toast with your bridesmaids in the last moments before your wedding ceremony will create an unforgettable moment in time between friends and a memory that will carry with you a lifetime.   And not to mention this extremely important fact?  Every bride wants to look stunning all our Bridal Suite can serve as a key place to which you can retreat to to touch up your make up and fix your hair, just to make sure those pictures come out flawless all night.  After all, every woman loves their own space to get ready.  Why not make sure you have that and some to make even your "shiniest" moments look like radiance!