Wedding Music

Music is a very important and integral portion of your wedding ceremony and Reception. When considering the music for your wedding, be sure to create an overall consistent theme for the music. If you have live entertainment for the ceremony cocktail hour then a band is certainly appropriate for your reception. Be sure to create an overall “playlist” from the moment the guests enter the venue to the moment they leave. For example, hire your music vendor to begin the music 30 minutes prior to your ceremony. The first guest who arrives should hear the prelude or interlude. If your ceremony is at a venue such as The Commons 1854, personalize your processional and recessional music such as a classical and instrumental version of your favorite song or that same version of your grandparents wedding song. Ceremony music is often left as an afterthought when it should be planned during the start of the music planning process to carry through a consistency and help to make lasting memories through the music. The cocktail hour music should also be well thought out. The music should not be too loud but serve background music to your guest’s conversation. If you hire a live singer, he or she should stand away from the entrance to the cocktail hour and slowly make their way toward the guests, this makes a more dramatic effect. The Reception music is a personal choice but leave the mixing or general song selection to the professionals. The last thing you will want is to clear the dance floor with music that your guests cannot or do not want to dance to.   Check out out preffered music entertaniment vendors for more information.  C-Zone Music; Move It Music; Nu Image DJ.

Happy Planning!  Johanna Pechilis- General Manager/ABC Consultant- The Commons 1854